Customer Service Team Leader

Division:Customer Operations




Candidate Information

CCP are currently representing a fantastic candidate that is seeking a new opportunity. 

  • As a Customer Services Team Manager, I leverage my 15 years of experience and expertise in customer relationship management (CRM) to provide excellent service and support to our customers and partners.
  • I oversee a team of customer service representatives, monitor their performance, and ensure they meet the quality standards and expectations.
  • My mission is to enhance customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, and to contribute to the company's growth and reputation.
  • I have worked with different industries, such as hospitality, insurance, fire and security, and car finance, and have successfully managed teams, projects, and client relationships. I have also developed skills in customer retention, and complaint resolution.
  • I am passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and creating positive customer experiences.

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Real-Time Analyst

I am a hardworking and professional contact centre operative with extensive experience, currently seeking a new position in WFM or Team Leader. A highly organised and efficient individual, whose thorough and precise approach to projects has yielded excellent results. Recent achievements include running a team of 15-20 agents within the 119 and universal credit contract assisting them to become a strong and crucial part of the structure to build success. Was seconded into a Team Manager role for 9 months.

Real-Time Analyst

A motivated, adaptable and responsible individual with 17 years of contact centre experience, working in WFM consistently since 2012. I have a methodical, customer-focused approach to work and a strong drive to see things through to completion. In my current role, I have joined a relatively new Real Time team so working on setting up processes and enacting change, whilst also building my own knowledge further in a different retail sector.

Customer Service Specialist

A strategic and experienced professional who has worked within the BT group for 10 years. Accomplished and results orientated who consistently produces high quality work, meets deadlines prioritises workloads and produces high quality work. Highly motivated individual with over 16 years of experience within various Senior Customer Service roles by working in different business functions such as Sales and Retentions, Marketing and Customer Operations.

Head of Customer Operations

£50,000 - £60,000
I am a highly adaptable individual with a successful history in Contact Centre Management, both with in house and outsource environments. Working in several industries for over 20 years, my experience covers first contact customer service, supportive analytical, team leader and operational leadership level roles, which empowers me to put myself in the position of others when making decisions.