CCP were supporting one of the largest utility businesses in the UK as they were recruiting an incredibly large project team as part of a business-wide change and transformation programme, designed to radically improve customer service and experience, repair brand reputation and increase customer retention.

Over the course of approximately six months, Mark Conway and the team at CCP successfully filled the following roles with the client…
  • Interim Head of Operations
  • Interim Vendor Manager
  • Interim Process Analyst
  • Interim Process Manager
  • Interim Project Manager
  • Interim Programme Lead
  • Interim Programme Manager
  • Interim Training Consultant
  • Team Leader
  • Customer Services Manager
  • Offshore Operations Lead
The above people placed, both permanent and interim have enabled the business to achieve its goals and are currently on track to achieve its targets within the designated time scales.

Some of the above roles are three-to-six month tenures, whereas others are as long as two year placements in an interim capacity to see through the change programme to its conclusion.

If you need an interim into your business, short, medium or long-term give us a call and we can discuss this particular project in more detail.

This case study was published by:
Mark Conway