Goodbye Contact Centre Partners. Hello CCP.

So, while the ‘rest’ we recently experienced was enforced upon us, we took that opportunity to take stock of our own business. 

We looked at our brand, our propositions and the industry overall. We assessed the obvious and evident impact of what the Covid-19 pandemic had immediately done to our industry, our clients and our network of professionals with who we work; we had to second guess what all of the above may look like when we returned to a level of ‘normality’.

Talking of ‘normality’, I’m not sure that I can actually remember what normal looked and felt like before, can you? It feels like such a long time since anything was ‘normal’.

What I do know though, is that things have changed considerably and that’s been the catalyst for Contact Centre Partners to review its identity as a legacy, and in turn, for Mark to scope out what we should look like as a business as and when we returned back to the game we love.

Contact Centre Partners... does exactly what it says on the tin, right?  Wrong!

We do so much more than service conventional, operational contact centre roles and now is a great time to share the additional areas in which we excel.

We service interim and permanent project management and change & transformation roles; our amazing sales division doesn’t just look after telesales opportunities – they support requirements in the field and those within account management and national business development management. Our operational support guys look after functions outside the contact centre hub; learning & development, quality assurance and training and our temporary division doesn’t just look after advisors and team leaders; there’s onboarding, KYC and administrators too.

So as our offerings broaden (not change), we remain one of the UK’s leading names in customer contact recruitment and that won’t change; at least not while we have something to say about it. 

It’s our staple; it’s what we’re known for amongst our network of incredible candidates and clients, it’s what we love and in all honesty it’s what we’re incredibly good at. But there’s more to us than your typical ‘agency’ – we’re specialists, we’re multi-niche specialists, we’re an end-to-end partner, we’re a consultancy. We’ve changed with the market, the economy and client and candidate demand and so has our brand to fall in line with our broad market range.

Thank you, Contact Centre Partners, for the most amazing past 10 years and welcome CCP as we look to the future.

Slightly tweaked, hugely agile but still us.

This blog was written by: Lloyd Schaverien
Posted by: CCP Recruitment